Stocking ponds and lakes for over 50 years!

Taal Lake Hatchery
Taal Lake Hatchery, New London, WI

Taal Lake Hatchery has been providing game fish for stocking lakes and ponds in Wisconsin, Illinois, and the upper peninsula of Michigan since 1963. Our fish are health certified by a qualified veterinarian. Additional testing for VHS (viral hemorrhagic septicemia) is done on fish that are shipped out of the state of Wisconsin. In recent years the species we have seen the highest demand for are walleyes and yellow perch. We also raise blue gill, largemouth bass, sunfish, and can supply black crappie. We also supply fathead minnows as a source of forage for your existing fish population.

In just a few seconds of looking through a microscope lens at the complexity of plant and insect life that exists in pond water, you can gain a humbling respect for the incredible system God has permitted us to dabble in. The respect we have for these fish eco-systems is what motivates us to manage these God given resources to the best of our abilities at both our New London and Red Granite facilities.

Our goal at Taal Lake Hatchery is to help you to manage the resources at your location. Together we can achieve the results you are seeking by applying sound biological principles.  If you are considering digging a new pond or expanding an existing resource, please call us before you begin. There is a strong possibility that our forty years of excavation experience can save you considerable time and money.

Please note that our farm is located just north of New London at N6123 Madden Road, and the office is south of New London on Knight Road. We have had an issue with google trying to get them to understand that because the farm is NOT a mailing address we needed to include the office which is a mailing address. We have no ponds at the Knight Road location and we appreciate it when customers call before “just stopping out ” at the farm location.